Birthday Wish-List

Ok so my family has been very supportive of me getting into the yo-yo hobby and have told me to come up with a list of 5 or so yo-yos for them to choose from. They plan to choose one from the list I give them.

The Price cap is $100 before shipping/taxes, I cannot go over this limit.

Some things about my wants/needs: Most of my experience comes from my 2014 Benchmarks (I have all 4 shapes). My preferred shape is H because it is the most stable (I am still learning so stability is important to me) followed very closely by the W and V as they tend to be decently stable, The O tends to tilt easier if I am sloppy so I do use it regularly to refine tricks I have gotten down with the H/W/V, but I do not want my first high-end throw to be O shaped.

So lets stick to stable/solid throws in the H/W/V shapes, H being preferred but wouldn’t turn down the other shapes if they are stable with decent rim weight.

Some yoyos I am already contemplating adding to my list is the OD Gradient and Irony JPX but I am looking for recommendations of other yoyos that meet this need

UPDATE: My price cap has been increased so I now have more wiggle room when choosing a throw.

About $130 give or take is my limit now.

I have narrowed it down to a list of 10, but I could use some help getting it down to the list of 5 that my family wants. When looking over my list, remember that Stability is my most prized attribute.

My current list:
Werrd Irony JPX -
One Drop Chik -
One Drop Cascade -
One Drop Code 1 -
One Drop Code 2 -
One Drop/Clyw Summit -
One Drop Valor -
YYF Aviator -
YYF Cyborg -

[s]General Yo M10 - Found on some other site :frowning:

[/s]Any help getting this list down to 5 based on my criteria would be greatly appreciated!

edit* there are a lot of cheaper good throws I would like (like the OD Gradient) but since I have such a generous price cap, I would like to use it and get something I might otherwise not get for myself.

edit #2* I narrowed my choices down even further

Ah just realized the valor is sold out so that’s off the list

Summit is really nice. Also look at a space cowboy

I looked at the space cowboy and while it probably plays wonderfully, I really want to get a crazy anno’ed throw since all of my throws are solids at the moment. That’s the main reason it didn’t make it onto my original list.

Ok I think I have it narrowed down to 5. Do yall think I would be let down with any throw on this list?

My list:
Werrd Irony JPX -
One Drop Chik -
One Drop Cascade -
One Drop Code 2 -
One Drop/Clyw Summit -

My Summit is shipping out to my house today, I’ll let ya know how it is once it arrives.

I think I saw an OD Instagram post about more Valors being made with a splash colorway. Keep an eye out if you’re wanting it on your list.


Valor is now producing and will comeout in few weeks, just wait a bit longer
I wan to buy it too and patience enought to wait it to come

Yeah I just saw about the valor restock so I will wait for them

I hope that they will produce in solid color too coz i dont really amaze with splash or mix color of OD

Same goes for me! I love solid colors, preferably clear/silver.

By the way, my Summit arrived yesterday and it is beautiful, it plays good but I would say my Code 1 feels more solid when playing.

i am blue / purple color addict hahaha
summit seems dont suit my playstyle ahahha