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So, as detailed here, I just got a DM2. So far I love it - I’m able to do all sorts of things I couldn’t before (e.g. I was having trouble doing ripcord without the yoyo binding, but now I can pull it off easy). Binding took a little work at first, but it’s coming along. That said, given that this is my first unresponsive, I had a couple of questions:

  1. Sometimes when I bind, there’s a long loop of string that doesn’t wind around the axle and instead is sticking out to the side. Usually this doesn’t result in a knot, and I can still throw a sleeper pretty hard, but how do I avoid getting the loop? Is it just a matter of practice?

  2. How do you jumpstart an unresponsive? I’ll flick it to get it spinning (like I would a responsive) but it seems like I can’t get it spinning fast enough to then successfully bind it and pull it back up.

Thanks in advance for the help.

1: Just make your loops smaller when binding. You’ll find the perfect length after a while.
2: it’s tough. you just have to practice. I can only get it to bind and return about 75% of the way up the string.

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When jump starting the yoyo, remember that you don’t need it spinning fast enough to pull itself up the string on its own.

You only need to spin it fast enough to keep it stable for the bind back to your hand. Pulling/jerking up on your throw hand after you catch the beginning of the bind is what powers the yoyo back up the string. This is how people bind even a very slowly spinning yoyo.

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It’s just practice. Once I had a (fairly weak, really!) snap going, I could only bind 1/2 up or less. Without intentionally modifying what I do, I can do a full bind and return to hand with almost no spin. Who knows what I do differently? Certainly I do a more gentle “lift” with my throwhand now than I used to… whatever I do differently just came naturally with time and practice.

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For number 2, get it spinning enough to come about half string and do a regen. Just practice and it becomes easier.

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For #1, you just need to feed the loop fully into the axle before letting go of the other side. I have that problem, too if I’m not more careful with my binds.

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