Bind Tutorial


There is a really cool bind I see often. The yo-yo goes up then returns to the hand. What is the name of this bind? I have seen it called the Mickey bind, but search results for a tutorial come up empty. I have also seen it called a sky bind. This produced one video by rethinkyoyo that did not help me all that much. The motion of moving the finger up and to the left sure caused a string burn on my finger though. Any help with this awesome looking bind would be welcomed.




I’ve always known it to be called the sky bind. I learned it from the rethinkyoyo website. If you watch it enough and try it enough it will click. btw, the string burns are normal but your skin will toughen up after awhile and it won’t hurt.

Also a tip, while pushing your NTH up and away from you make sure the gap of the yoyo is lining up with the string closer to your TH. With the right amount of force and practice you’ll get it! Good luck!


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