Bind in Horizontal Finger Spin

Any tips for whipping the string into the gap to bind? Sometimes it lands in a GT when I try and I have no idea whats happening. I am using a YYF Horizon.

Practice your lacerations. Get your hand closer to the yoyo while binding. Don’t pop it up mid bind if you are doing that since that could cause a gt. That’s all I can really say without a video.

Just echoing Rixitify here:

Let your throwhand get WAY closer to the yoyo than you think. Like… as you do the whipping motion, your hand can be practically touching the yoyo mid whip. It only looks further away in videos because in order to cause the loop to “whip” around the gap, you do have to pull back a bit.

So, “throw” the loop towards the gap, bringing your hand really close, and pull slightly away again in order to cause the whip to happen.

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Thanks for the help!