Bimetal with weight ring encased inside the yoyo?

How do you encase the ring inside the throw?

I guess the yo-yo would have to be molded… What yo-yo are you talking about? Or is this just an “is it possible” thread?


it would not be possible in a metal yoyo however if it was an injection molded plastic yo yo it might.

Actually, you could put them on the inside with the same technique used to put them on the outside: proper machining tolerances and a press fit.

This is the only one I know of.

I know tis isn’t a bi-metal, but the original replays from 2010 had encased rings.

thats a pressed fit…

That’s how they are all made, internal or external.

Not like the Knight in which the ring is exposed, I meant completely encased without any exposure whatsoever.

thats what i was thinking.

and im pretty sure the only way would be with a plastic injection mold

you can also help yourself with thermal expansion.

Steel ring outside, fitted machining, heat it up and fit it.

Steel ring inside, fitted machining, cool ring down and fit it

Steel ring emmbedded, fitted machining, heat alu a little (much more thermal expansion than steel) and heat steel ring until it fits. then let it shrink together.

What would be the point of that? You couldn’t see them at all and nobody would see them or think you were cool then.


that doesnt always create a perfect fit and could be prone to vibe.

trust me i tried something close to this before on a yoyo design.

So then how do you propose it’s done?

you would have to use a metal or plastic with a lower melting point then the metal being covered and use a mold.

it could be done not impossible but the impracticality of it would make it to expensive to do or might yield varying results.

I was asking about your criticism of leop999’s comments about heating and cooling the materials to attach rings with a press fit. I don’t believe he was referring to embedding them completely. We both assumed the rings would be external, either on the rims, or embedded (knigt) or fit inside the rims.

Looks like there’s a disconnect in the discussion.

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wouldn’t be the first time.

i see now what was trying to be said… i should probably go back into lurking.

Wasn’t the legacy like that or am I way off?

The Legacy has a metal washer press fit into the shell under the caps. It’s not encased in the plastic.