bigyo slippy whips


this may explain it better:

What should i do?
New yoyo?
mod my bigyo?
different string?(using YYN highlights)(tried w/ type 8 and didn’t work either)

(DOGS) #2

I don’t get what’s happening. It just looks like you’re missing


It looks like you’re letting go of the string.


I don’t think he’s trying an actual whip catch, but a bind?
If you are trying for a bind, it just takes practice, you need to get a feel for it.
If you are trying for a whip catch, uh… Don’t let go of the string?


I have the same problem usually. Some yoyos just work better for it, and it comes down to practicing different things.


I would describe it as a whip bind.

You pop it up in the air, let go of all of the string and whip the string into the gap, it wraps around the bearing and (is supposed to) binds back.

That’s the best i can describe it.


Hey, I know what you’re talking about. If you would like to know, also, the trick you are doing is called and open whip-catch.

BigYos are normally pretty unresponsive as far as off-string yo-yos go. This is actually not really your fault, especially if the string you are using is sized for 1A.

The remedy? Well, there are two things you can do:

  1. Stick new response in the groove. This however does not work so well, as it may fall out easily. But, feel free to experiment.

  2. Aim for the yo-yo and hit it with a string segment close to where it is attached to your finger. This will give the yo-yo a good deal of extra string to catch. If you hit the yo-yo towards the end of the string, the yo-yo will not have as much to grab on and may not bind back.