Big YoYo String Vitality (Proto): A High Speed YoYo Review

String companies making their own yo-yo seems to becoming quite the rage. Paul at G-String did it a while back with a custom white YoYoJam with G-String branded caps and more recently Evan at Toxic String released the excellent Hazmat. It makes sense that the string makers would get involved. Who better to design a yo-yo than the people responsible for keeping the darn thing attached to your finger? Keeping the tradition alive is newcomer Jake Vande Walle, owner of Big YoYo String along with yo-yo designer and Big String team member Josh Rodriquez. When he first sent out pictures of the Vitality I was more than a little intrigued. It looked very similar to the entry I submitted for the One Drop CODE2 contest. That being said, I HAD to review Josh’s creation. While it was not identical to mine in shape or weight, it was close enough that I could get a decent idea of what could have been. Lets break into it and see if the string maker to yo-yo designer trend has merit or if they should stick to gaps and leave the rest of the yo-yo to the experts.

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