Big yoyo lot +Kendama PRICE DROP!!

Big yoyo lot for sale or trade. Comes with:
1)Blue Magic yoyo N5 Desparado. Has a couple scuff marks but nothing you can feel. Vibes a little but probably just needs to be tuned. Comes with a stock magic yoyo 10 ball bearing. (smoothest bearing ever! Grin)
2)Black Yoyofactory whip. Took a couple hits on the ground but plays like new. Comes with a stock size C flat bearing.
3)Dark blueish Magic yoyo N12. A real nice yoyo. Has 1 tiny scuff/ding that you cannot feel. Does not affect play at all. (plays better than the shutter IMO) Comes with a real smooth magic yoyo 10 ball bearing.
4)Blue Duncan butterfly. Used it for practice alot. Looks and “plays” like new.
5)Pair of Yoyofactory loop 900s (blue and yellow). These are a really nice pair of yoyos. Look and play just like out of the box. I did lube the bearings though so they may differ in respones at first. Absolute like new condition.
6)Yomega Pro Kendama. I used it a little, has marks for missed spike catches etc… I can’t tell any difference in play though.
7)Black Magic yoyo bag. Use it to store your yoyos.
8)Black Yoyo glove. I used this yoyo glove alot, it helps you against getting friction burns. Has a slight rip in the seam on the middle finger but you can probably sow it up with a little thread.
9)Yoyoyfactory thick lube. Used a couple drops but otherwise usable.
10)Ja- Ru stunt wheel “yoyo”. I’ll throw this in because it’s a good yoyo… actually it isn’t very good,
more like bad. If you can do a simple sleeper with this I applaud you. Good to hone your yoyo skills (I guess?) Like new condition.
So that’s it! $50 for everything or best offer.
Am willing to take trades.
Email me if you are interested.