$$$ Big Spenders Top 10 Throws $$$

The End #2 $425.
The End #0 $400
Bsp - $375 x 5 times. Yes…5 of em.
Ragnarok $200
Metal Hitman $200
Ayya vs clyw bvm $150
OG Bapezilla 150

I honestly can’t remember the big spenders.

Any regrets spending the big bucks for them?

Do you still have them all…any regrets?

$250 for Spyy Pure Gold
$250 for Oxy Syzygy
$200 Purple Ricochet

No regrets.

Nice bunch of throws there.

The Japanese throws I bought before the Yen/I took a hit.

  1. Anglam $289
  2. Ti Walker with custom anodizing by J. Wong - $275
  3. YYR Sleipnir; Benson Fok Ed. - $245
  4. YYR Sleipnir; 2009 from Malaysia - $235 (and 1 month in customs!)
  5. YYR (5), YoyoMonster(5), YoyoJoker(1) - $199
  6. SY-001 Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre - $189

Wow, now that’s one heck of a list! So, tell us. Any regrets on any of them? Are they still a part of your collection?

My most expensive yoyos will probably be a joke to you guys since on the low end they top mine but here i go anyways.
General yo torrent :don’t know the price of it can’t find it but a dude gave it to free at a competition :stuck_out_tongue: so it’s my cheapest and most expensive throw.

YYJ inspire signed by AJ Kirk: free I got that at the same contest :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s worth $65

Di Base: free to me as well got it for my birthday. Buts worth $55

Those are my top 3 anything below that is even sadder.

But it you must know the most expensive Yoyo I bought was my shaqulerstar. :stuck_out_tongue: some of you guys must be laughing by now.

OG Torrent or Torrent 2?

Anglam $289
Ti5 $300
Draupnir $195
Ano’d Ti Walker $250
Splashed Overdrive $190
Splashed Attune $190

Anglam was just ok, wish i’d waited to buy it, everything else was great. Draupnir is the best.

torrent 2

Most I’ve spent is $50 some…

2 ONE’s
2Loop 360’s
100 pack YYE string
Lateral caps…

It all adds up to around 50 ish…

After that…

35 for the Shaqler Pack (Shalqer star and 2 900’s)

30 for. go Big

20 for a OG Atmosphere which I traded for a Envy64…

YYA LE Positron around 240??
Turning point Positron (X3) around 190?
Turning point Leviathan3 (X2) 190?
YYR Gleipnir 190?

…but now that I think about it, it’s pretty funny how I only buy cheap and good throws
now while I was crazy over high performance pricy jap stuff few years back.

Hmm not sure if I regret it or not it was fun while I had those throws, but
a friend of mine from China introduced me to some really underrated and highly affordable Chinese brands like TopYo that play equally as good as any high end jap yoyo. Thus I find myself being much more of a thrifty spender now. :-X

  1. Proto Duncan MG 230$ (around 2008)
  2. phi 90$ (When ever it was released.)
    Everything else was way cheaper. Like maxed out at around 40$
    I kinda regret getting rid of my phi, it was my first metal, and the only one that wasn’t just flat out given to me or sold to me at drastic discount.
    The duncan proto is my go to throw and I love it more now then the day I got it. 5 years after the thing got here, I still feel grateful too bemis for selling it to me.

Summit (155$?) traded for cheif and burside
Cascade (115$? Bought it for 60$)
Puffin (155$?) traded for angle then Canvas then Leviathan 2
08 888 (110$ bought it for 45$)
Firmy (75$) traded for f(x) and 33 1/3
888x (100$) traded for gorylla for battosai for Supra
Axiom (75$)traded for katz meow for icon for xcon and prowing
Quark (85$?) traded for dingo for axiom

Lots of regrets

years ago I blew $350 on a higby 401k
totally worth it

425 on a c22

Oxy Ti 9.06 tattoo $485
Moonwalker $320
Ti5 $345 or something weren’t they?
Aurora I think I paid $250
Helix $220

Those are the 5 I’d consider pretty outrageous. I have many other “expensive” throws, but just the regular $200ish and less high end throws from YYR, CLYW, and others you would expect.

Let’s see…

  1. Oxygene Ti 2011 (about $350 I think)
  2. sOMEThING Anglam ($290)
  3. sOMEThING Anglam CC ($220)
    4 and 5. A pair of YYF Ricochet ($200 each)
    6 and 7. Splash YYR Attune and Splash YYR Blink ($190 each)
    8 to 10+. A bunch of other YYR and some TP