big bang theory(show), what does this quote mean?

So, im a huge fan of the big bang theory. And if you watch it, you know Sheldon is…a genius. So, (watch the clip at the bottom) at one part Leonard says “let me explain this to you using physics. What would you be if you were joined to another object,by an incline plane,wrapped helically around and axis?”
So, what does that even mean? Me and my friends have been wondering for a while now,haha.

Science classes often teach the six classical simple machines, two of which are the screw and the inclined plane. The screw is typically taught as an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder (if you could unroll the threads of a screw, it would just be an inclined plane). So Leonard is making a reference to that definition of a screw, and that something attached to something else by a screw has been screwed.


You did a Big Bang theory thread a few weeks ago… I’m wondering why not just bump this into your other thread?

Think nuts and bolts :facepalm:

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Ask your mom why it’s funny.

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I’m sorry, but if you don’t get that joke, you probably shouldn’t be watching the show.

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