Big 5a Battle!

5a Battle. Vote!







out of everyone i have seen here i have seen more actual 5A out of aaron’s video as opposed to 1A with a counterweight swinging once in a blue moon

I do tech and everyone else does flash, might want to keep that in mind when you describe “1A with a counterweight…”

right i forgot that 5A tech has that xD.

well all i can say is add some flare to your tech…

like this

Jonrob stopped doing serious tech around 2009. The best video of him and tech is 2007 NER.

I thought this was begginer! lol I voted for ryan

I have to give this one to Mista8eight8, he just flowed better in my eyes.

mista8eight8 is as smooth as buttahed threads.

^^ yeah but its called 5a ice33 he was totally the best hes the reson its called 5a

me too


Then I guess 90% of this video is 1a:

5a is now scored on the tricks with the cw out of your hand to get in first its like the cw is never in your hand

Watch my video again, count every time the little red die moves…

(One of the worst things you can offend is my style.)

yea and look at ice 33 the cw is baerly in his hands and im srry but i am offending your style

guys ryan and i are over the throw limit we arent competing we just wanted a little feedback

It seems there is some 5A debate here.

Joe, we could care less about how 5A is scored, 5A is 5A, whether it scores well or not.
Theres tech 5A, flashy 5A, weird 5A, its all 5A. Like tech, flow, weird 1A, 5A has its different styles.

For one to say someone else shows the reason its called 5A, thats just stupid, whether its big flashy dice spins and manipulation, or stealthing the dice around segments into new stuff, it is what it is.

Every video seen here is 5A, now dont be Joeys all of yall, and go back to throwing


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thnks finally josh steps and i was just sayin my opion

Ummm… all of the videos except the first one were elementary efan combos or beesting variations so I would have to go with the first video (but he still has lots of room for improvement).

yeah and sorry i didnt read the no 1a with counter weight :stuck_out_tongue: i would have done different stuff if i would have known that guy is amazing and jus because its fan waze and beesting doesnt mean its no good as long as their is variation then its still good