Arussell vs. cbaxt98! ONE THROW 5A BATTLE

Alright, me and Chase did a 5a battle. One throw. Who was better? Vote up there ^^^



Arussel definitely deserves it. I remember (which wasn’t that long ago I think?) when he started 5A (much later than I started) and I have been watching all his videos, he gets better and better each time! His tricks were smoother, more technical and much better!

well cbaxt98 is definately faster but imma go with arussel on this due to his style and smoothness of tricks

cbaxt98 certainly did anything better than I could do (I’m a beginner at 5A) and his tricks were great, but I think Arussell incorporated the counterweight more and in a more creative way.

Great job to both!! I cant even do 5a yet i usually stick to 1a, but here and there a few tricks on 5a, anways i liked how Arussell used the counter weight and how smooth he was, My vote is for Arussell. good job both!

holy shoot the beginning of cbaxt98 was pretty cool, but everything bout arussell’s vid was elegant, smooth, creative.

both of the yoyoers are 200 times better than me at 5a but i liked Aarons vid better

constricted 5A wise, I think Arron did a bit better but both of you could use some improvement.
Try to stay away from the eli hop / lindy loop stuff with just a swinging die.
I liked the start of Cbaxt98s video, surprised he wasn’t disqualified for using an “illegal start” or something like that, haha.
Nice stuff both of you, keep 5A alive.




Bump. Last day for voting