Bi-metals that can thumb grind?

My browsing is by no means exhaustive, but it seems to me that bi-metals almost never have a cup for thumb grinding. Almost all seem to be flat. Is there a reason behind this?

Nobody really does thumb grinds

Sad. I like thumb grinds.

G2 Case File 003

Speak for yourself, I still like doing them.

Check out the 2Sick bimetals. I think most of them have IGRs. I have the Night’nGale, and it’s great for thumb grinds, and a great in general.

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Oh, yeah. YYF seems to like to have them. Check out their bimetals. The Edge, Superstar, Space Cowboy…

A lot of yoyos with just a wide inner lip, can be pretty good at them too.

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I just got that you were answering his question as to why they were hard to come by on bimetals. I think it also has to do with so many having the SS ring placed inside the rim.

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Off the top of my head - These two would work well:

And here’s a link for the bi-metal tag to help your search:

We probably missed a few tags, but that’s the majority of bimetal yo-yos we have. :+1:

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I love thumb grinds. YYO Hatchet+ is pretty good for them.


Marco, breeze and navi work alright imo

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