Bi-metal Genesis

So i recently saw a Bi metal version of the 2014 genesis. Was this ever made/is it legit?

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Yes, it’s legit’, but they were limited, so they’re not in production at this time. I have a blue pulsar, black pulsar, and a U.S.A edition. It plays great too, so if you can find one, jump on it.

They released a couple of tiny runs of them, but I guess they were hard to produce consistently so it’s basically done as I understand it.

I managed to get a couple…they’re great. Snag one if you can.

super interesting. the Genny was so good on its own. I’m curious to play a Bimetal version. I still grossly prefer the old Genesis to the new. but that’s all personal preference.

I’ve tried about 4 different Genesis models now (owned 3 of those 4) and I think the 2014 Bi-metal is my favourite. I mean, they’re all great as far as I’m concerned, but this one has something special to it.

Bought the black Pulsar, sold it to a guy only because he desperately wanted it. I would’ve just given it to him but he insisted. Then traded for a blue Pulsar within a month so that I could have one back. :wink:

Thing’s legit as in “a real thing” and also legit as in “really great”.

I got a blue one on BST a little while ago and I’m really impressed with it. So smooth. I think the rings being so far inward towards the gap makes this yoyo feel floaty to me. (I can only base this on the other yoyos I’ve tried so take it with a grain of salt.) I can say for sure that it’s easier to get a smooth regen than say a berserker ss. I love it, very unique feeling to me. This is the only Genesis I have tried so far but it makes me want to try them all.

The limited Genesis models tend to be the best ones, in my opinion. 2014, Doomsday 7075, and Citrus Luis (orange) are all more than great.


so anyone have pics of these said bi-metal genesis’? :slight_smile:

its in TAs profile pick… and i have it as my favorite throw… its been out since middle last year.

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Pic taken from TotalArtist.

^ Thanks FinalFantasy’. :wink: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Damn, looks sooo good.

I have a few YYF that are true keepers. This is one of them.

All the Genesis variants are awesome in their own way. What is remarkable is that however they are constructed, they all convey that unique Genesis feel that you know if you have played one.

The Genesis is a classic yo-yo in every sense. The design, however, is timeless.

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I couldn’t agree more. The Genesis is a home run of yoyo design, and I hope that it always exists in YYFs line up in some form or another so that everyone can have an opportunity to try one. In my personal opinion it’s simply one of the best yoyo designs of all time. :slight_smile:

Besides the 44 (which I still totally love for some reason) the 2014 Genesis is easily my favorite YYF throw. I never really enjoyed the Genesis, the sole reason I purchased a 2014 Genesis is because of the bimetal design. I was very intrigued by the entire construction of the yoyo. I was not disappointed. It is smooth, smooth, smooth! Very well balanced. Easily flows between fast and slower, more “flowy” play. Absolutely pick one up if you can. I only managed to get 1, the USA edition, but it has a special place in my heart, that’s for sure.

The 44 Clash/Doomsday are a close second to the bi-Metal (2014) version for me. The play is almost identical, but the bi-metal version is blasted - which gives it a slight edge in my mind.

I just saw that yo-yo still in stock somewhere and debated about getting it. Now, with this new information, it’s time to bust a move. Thanks for the heads up! :wink:

While we’re on the Genesis subject. How do I refer to the Genesis model before the 2012 version? Was that a 2010, 2011, or was there more than one model after the 2009 small bearing? If anyone can list all versions of the Genesis, that would help.

In terms of the 44, it doesn’t really play all that differently from an 888. It’s very similar in size and shape. It is more rounded and more organic than the 888 but not significantly. I just really love its undersized, rounded nature.

And you’re probably just good to refer to the Genesis as the Genesis I guess? I know there are different models, different years, etc…but with the exception of the bi-metal from last year it seems like people have pretty much just always referred to them as the Genesis, right?

SB Genesis, USA 65g Genesis, Doomsday/7075 Genesis, various Luis Genesis…es… Patitos Genesis, Undeniable Genesis

I don’t know how many semi-official names there are, but for sure people differentiate between different Genesises.

That’s what I call it, but when I want to refer to that specific version, , I’m not sure whether to call that the “regular Genesis,” or if there is some other term to describe it more specifically. I didn’t know if there was a year to describe it, or what. I’ll ask on YYF and see what they say.

I can refer to all of them specifically, except for that one. I currently have Small Bearing Genesis, Doomsday Genesis, Hubstacked Genesis, Citrus Luis Genesis, 2012 Genesis, and 2014 Genesis. So, if I was making a list, do I call that one with no other specific name “Genesis?” I don’t think OG Genesis is right, because it’s not the original. I figured it must be a 2010 or 2011, and maybe there are both. I’m dying to know. :-\

Update: YYF confirmed via, that the Genesis with no more specific name is referred to as just “Genesis.” I wasn’t missing anything there. N8 was right. :wink: