could i get a dv888 for a beysick?


Uhh… wrong section?

I think you mean, “should I get a dv888 or beysick?” If so flip a coin they are both great throws and cheep as far as any metal yoyo goes.
Also this is in the wrong section it should have been in the: looking for help/recommendation boards

no i have a beysick and i want to trade it for a dv888 but am i asking too much

Naw both are about the same value. I’d say the Beysick is maybe a little more valueable than the Dv888 actually.

So basically it’s supposed to be in BST section…

BTW, it depends if your Beysick is in very mint condition… Because no one would trade a Beysick for a DV888 if it even has one ding.