Beyond 42 strings review marvins

Hello and thanks for stopping by to read this review.
I guess that I will start by saying how i came by these strings: I won them in a contest put up by Mctron. He is the owner and operator of a string making company called beyond 42 strings. They make some unique blends of strings, and he asked me to review them. I like to think that this is because of my amazing reviews… um, yeah probably not…
I received the “Marvins” a unique poly nylon blend. This was my first leap into the world of specialty strings, and this is my first string review, so please forgive any massive errors.

Looks: At the time of my order, only white strings were available in the nylon poly blend. However, since then, Mctron has made it known that other colors are (or soon will be) available.

Comfort: these strings are not as comfortable, and that is my only big concern about them. They really burn/ irritate my fingers due to the nylon (I think). This is not worse than other nylon strings that I have tried, it is just worth noting.

Whips/slacks: WOW! These strings are FAST! They seem to lend themselves really, really well to whips and slacks. I tested them with first standard jade and iron whips, but then my toughest follow combos. They pulled it all off very easily. I also used them to learn hidemasa hook, a trick that I have always had trouble with. My limited laceration knowledge showed how much they excelled in that respect as well. Finally, I pulled of my favorite slack trick very easily due to how fast it is. Suicides are also good.

String tricks: these strings feel very balanced during string tricks: not fast, not slow, not soft, not hard/ difficult to play. It holds tension very well.

Binds: this string is best paired with a more grippy yoyo. I love it on my summit and avalanche, but feel that my burnside needs something a little thicker. On all yoyos, the binds are smooth and very consistent. On the right ones, even the toughest binds and regens are made easy.

Durability: let me start by saying that bulk strings (i.e. kitty) last me about two or three days. This string will last more than a week easily. After a week of play, I lost the string I was testing because I literally could not tell whether it was the one used for a week or one of the ones that I had just started using. They are very consistent over their lifespan. This is my favorite part of these strings, they will not get messed up easily.

Thickness: about the same as standard kitty, maybe a little thinner.
Tension: it is tighter than I am used to, but it doesn’t affect play, just feel and adjustment, which is a little harder. Once the string is adjusted, it will stay there for a good long time. I think that this is a good trade off.

Overall, I really like these. I think that they could be a little bit softer with a little looser tension, but other than that, they are great. I would say give them a shot. They surpassed my expectations: they outplay the bulk strings that I am used to in every way. Now I have already got some yoyostringlab ammo (my new thick string of choice) and am looking at mctrons’ other blends for when I need more strings. They are available in many colors.
Ten packs of strings cost between 4 and 6 dollars i believe.
Thanks for reading
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One Ten Packs of Marvins is$5.00 including shipping

Great review!

traded my whip for 15 marvins with mctron. they are beast!

I am liking that trade! that is a great deal! also, could i have some feed back from some people? This was my first string review, and i would like to know what i could have added (thanks for your kind words mctron).

I look forward to reading your reviews! this was your first string review? couldnt tell a bit! it was written quite well!

WOW! thanks! That means a lot!

you’re welcome. keep the reviews comin!

Will do! I am thinking maybe a review for the Summit because it is so hyped up (short version: my favorite throw)

Sorry, but bump for feedback. :stuck_out_tongue: I know this is kind of irritating, but I want to write the best reviews I can.
Thanks in advance for your feedback (and patience)!