better string?

I’m just wondering how people make better string than others? Is it in how it’s made, or the material, or what?
Like what makes some string laster longer, or play better for slacks than others?

I made my first string today (turned out pretty well, might I add)
I just used a plant of wood with a nail in it, and a drill. took 12 strands, spun them together, then when that was done tied each end together, and let it twist together.

mostly hype/marketing, i think.

there’s like…one way to make string.
take a group of thinner string (threads), group then together, spin it, fold it over, and spin it in reverse.

nylon is more abrasion resistant than poly & cotton
tighter spun string lasts longer

I never knew that was why :open_mouth:
Is that why graou will last like weeks?

And aren’t some heavier than others, and some keep tension a bit better than others?

i don’t know
i’m not graou?, maybe it’s a mix of poly/nylon

look at it i guess
you can cut some and unravel it
if you want to know what material each thread is, take each thread and burn it to see how it melts, burns, smells, smokes, and anything else.
i’m sure there’s a burn test chart somewhere online

dunno what you mean by heavier
…with the same string, a longer string will be heavier than a shorter one…?

some are thicker, some are thinner.

tighter spun is denser, cuts through the air/falls (aka oh man dude dis is lyk so mad whipz dood, but man dood i tension sux bro), rather than loosely spun, less dense, which “floats” in the air like a feather.
…when i say this how twist affects thingy, i mean comparing with the same string setup (thread/material, amount of, length, anything else) and the only factor being changed is twist.

you’d probably want less twist with nylon than with poly, because their different uhh… yeah and stuff

the amount of twist is the main thing
and amount of twist depends on what you want, and it’s also affected by the material you use, how many threads, thickness of the threads (thickness of the rope you’re making)

i dunno, this post is messy
i just twist mine until it shortens by like 9% of the original length
don’t really care that much

i think the fun part of making stuff is just trying stuff so yeah do that…

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material has a LOT to do with it. Also it’s not just spinning and twisting. There are lots of combination’s that will change the way a string plays.

There are? Like what would be some different combinations?

Hamstring has some made of Kevlar

Some info in this book may be helpful.  I have it… bought it used since it was cheap.

Rayon, Poly, Cotton, Kevlar, and Nylon are some of the different materials used to make string. There are many combinations of those listed and more with each playing differently. Like Ichtus said.

Cotton is primarily used for looping. Cotton / Poly blend is used for string tricks at an intermediate level. 100 % poly is the choice of most for modern String trick play.

There are different strings types. Type 9 is what highlights are. The different types are determined by the thread count.

A higher amount of thread will yield a heavier string. Also materials used plays into how heavy a string will be.