How do you flip the yoyo after it goes around once then switch to your middle finger?

Details are rather helpful, we dont even know what trick you are talking about(at least i do not)

I think he means the 5a trick Bee Sting.

Go to It is Miguel Correa’s site and he has some great stuff. Good luck:)


Been working on this myself. I think I know what you mean. Do you mean the change in rotation of the yoyo after the 360? If so, you need to pop the yoyo back over your finger while the string with the counterweight is still under the yoyo… If that makes sense… Let me try this

Pause at 0:24

This is when you want to pop the yoyo up to flip it back over your middle finger. You have string under the yoyo to bounce it up. Once the counterweight unwraps this string from the yoyo, you can’t really pop the yoyo around easily, so you have to do it before the counterweight swings below the yoyo and unwraps the string.

thanks for your help, I finally got the trick down