Best yoyos of 2016


It’s the end of the year already. What do you guys think are the best yoyos of this year and why?


Skyva. Showed that finger spins could be mastered by a plastic yoyo, and that performance area or another was no longer dependent on price and materials. The slogan “death to metals” may be having a resurgence.


Yes I definitely agree with you on the skyva it almost makes me feel guilty about having spent so much on a bunch of expensive metals when the 20 dollar magic yoyo plays almost just as good and definitely finger spins better.
Ok maybe not guilty but the skyva is awesome.


Banana Hammock


Creep and core co standard


Can we have some reasons as to why they are the best of 2016?


Best yoyo of 2016 that I’ve had the pleasure of trying would be the Sengoku Kenshin. It is very fast, has a solid presence on the string while still being quite light. It is one of the best performing yoyos I’ve ever used and the new splashes are fantastic. It is a no frills performance machine that is also debuting a promising new material among within the yoyo scene. If I had one criticism of it, it would be that the string gap is a bit too large so binds aren’t as tight as I would like them to be.


My best of 2016 would be the TopDeck and the Legato.


Kenshin is a pretty awesome yoyo.


I’m gonna have to go ahead and say the Kenshin as well. It’s just an incredible yoyo in every aspect.


JT Rebira.

One of the very best Ti yo-yo’s made. Just an awesome yo-yo.


Maybe the use of 7068 aluminum as one of the top innovations or trends of 2016? From what I’ve heard, this material has the potential to become the next must have metal of 2017. I tried a Forge yoyo at a contest, which I believe was the second 7068 yoyo on the market? It was incredible, powerful but light weight, and with a grind finish as well, which is far more difficult to do on titanium. I suspect the Kenshin has the same sort of “Wow” reaction in a lot of people. Why I say this is because the design is not the most radical aspect, the use of the material is the unique feature. This isn’t to say that the Kenshin isn’t the best yoyo of 2016, just that you could almost put yoyos in 2 different categories, innovation and design, ie, the first ti yoyo ever could be in the innovation category of whenever it came out, and the first plastic yoyo that could fingerspin would be in the design category. My entry for the innovation category would be the yoyofactory Superstar, because it showed that a bimetal design could be made to acceptably high standards with a low price. (And the Kenshin, and the Core yo Standard, and the Edge, and the Banana Hammock) :slight_smile:


Ribira, without doubt, is an extremely good yoyo. It will be hard to do much better than this one.


My favorite even though it didn’t come out in 2016 is the markmont classic. It’s just so classy and smooth.


General yo legato is amazing. Peak 2 is so good as.well though




Titanium shutter! One of the best playing yoyos I’ve ever touched.


Core co standard! That yoyo can do everything it amazes me all that it can do!

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


Nine dragons - first full body v5


Core co Standard is simply awesome. Feels like a revolutionary combination of aluminium and delrin.

The Pool Party Banana Hammock is also one of my all time favorites. Its great for flowing through tricks.