Best YoYo for someone returning to it?

I’d get a 100 pack of yoyoexpert brand string to start. Cheap and it works as you learn the ropes.

Truth is, String is a whole other rabit hole.

For the Raider and the XX get a “Standard” thickness string.

For your Unresponsive get a “Fat” thickness string.

Anything in the 100% poly for now.

As tempting as it is, dont buy the 100 pack.

I still have a lot of the original 100 pack I bought over a year ago. (I dont use it)

It is better to get 10, 10 packs of different string than 1 bulk pack.


Question 1. As far as I know they are the same yo-yo only one comes with a narrow bearing making it responsive. I know that if you took the narrow bearing out and placed a standard C bearing with an appropriate length axle in it place, it would be the same as the unresponsive version. What I’m unsure of is if you can buy an unresponsive version and go the other way, place a narrow bearing and axle in it, without modification to make it responsive. But if both were set up unresponsive, they would be the same yo-yo.


I agree with Punisher, if you get good and love it, you would probably not use the bulk string and go after better options. I’m poorish so I been using the bulk yye string lol.

Seriously consider a plastic Freehand One. It would be the best of both worlds getting back into the hobby.and to get a feel for things


Question 2 I defer to the 2nd answer. But that will vary per person. I still have over 90% of 2 different 100 packs that I have little use for because I found other string I like better. You may be the kind of person who can get one thing and be happy to stop right there, but then you may be driven to try, and try, and try everything that looks interesting. Neither is a wrong way, just personal. There are lots of different strings and variables that make noticeable differences. So this as mentioned can become a very deep rabbit hole. Prior to this was posted a link to String Theory which has lots of good info. Also Cake’s String Reviews have covered a large assortment of strings in review.


I’ll also second the FH1


My 2 cents. Buy one. Play with it. Maybe get another plastic, or consider a different type of yoyo all together.

Its a waste not to run the speedaholic or the shooting star as unresponsive, ultimately. You can get some super cheap butterfly if you want a responsive one.


Yo I juuust got me a plastic FH1 myself. First thing im using to try 5A lol. Waiting for it.


If we are looking plastic there are 2 that i find i play more than anything. Unfortunately one of them is more of a rarity on the bst, that being an sf plstc.

The other though is the recess first base. I own several of each and throughly enjoy the ease of play they provide with fantastic quality for plastic throws.

Nothing against the xx or shooting star, they just dont get the play time of my plstc or first bases


The Speedaholic XX and Shooting Star play very similar. I like the Speedaholic XX by a hair but they play almost the same. The Speedaholic XX just feels a tad more solid because the extra weight to me. I go back and forth though, sometimes I like the shooting star more. You can’t really go wrong with either unless you want the responsive bearing as well, then I’d Shooting Star.

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and update you on my journey!

I’ve decided to go with the Shooting Star as my unresponsive yo-yo purchase, although the Laevateinn caught my attention yesterday…beautiful yo-yo and seems to get great reviews, but haven’t heard anyone here mention it as a contender for best unresponsive yo-yo under $30.

I’ve decide to upgrade the string and the bearing in my Raider…leaving it responsive.

I’ve also decided to purchase a new responsive yo-yo (as you probably saw on my latest post) - still trying to decided between several: Freehand One, Spin Star, Arrow Elite, AoE, Speedaholic (not XX), Whip, Origen. Leaning towards the Freehand One!

I’ve ordered a bearing changing tool and plan on ordering thick lube, thin lube, standard string for responsive yo-yos, and fat string for unresponsive yo-yo when I order a unresponsive and responsive yo-yo.

Again, couldn’t have made it to this point without all of your input so THANK YOU!!!



Get the freehand.


Agreed. Especially if you are leaning that way already. FH1


The Laevateinn for under $29 is a great deal for an excellent yo-yo. However, I’m pretty sure that I would have disliked such a hard V-shape If I had bought it early on.

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Freehand One it is…currently got it narrowed down to 6 colors/styles of the FHO :laughing:

As always, everyone’s input has been extremely helpful!



When I cant decide, I get both. But in your case, all 6.


And most mini cases fit six throws, coincidence??


Man!!! That is some serious arm twisting there. Remind me not to play full contact football with you guys.:rofl::rofl:


Laevateinn is quite good. fast and light with an aggressive shape. I’d personally pick a few others over it at a similar price point since it’s not as powerful as some other monos, but it’s a very solid pickup at the price and I still keep mine in my collection.

Since you were all so kind enough (and patient enough) to help me on this journey to get back into yo-yoing, I thought it was only fair to let you know what I ordered this morning:

- Shooting Star (orange)
- Freehand One (Brian Cabildo Edition)
- Whip (black)
- YYF Performance Oil (2 bottles: thicker and thinner)
- YYF Yo-Yo Holder
- Sochi string normal (light blue)
- Sochi string fat (black)
- Kitty String First Class (white)
- Yo-Yo String Lab Type X (black)

Again, I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to answer my MANY questions, your patience in answering all of those questions, and for not making me feel like an idiot with some of the questions I asked. I’m truly thankful I found this forum and am so appreciative of all your help!

I cannot wait to get everything and move on from the brain twister I learned many years ago!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!