best yoyo all around?

i am looking into getting a new yoyo ;D i need some help from all of u! which yoyo should i get (no price range)

It depends entirely on what you like and can afford. No one yoyo is going to be ideal for every player.

you gotta be WAYYYY more specific. weight preference? size preference? shape preference? metal or plastic? and whats the MOST youre willing to spend. even if you said no price range, in the yoyo community yoyos can go for $100, $150, even up to $500 (titanium throws). just a heads up.

No price range huh? Heheh

One yoyo I will always recommend despite how long the person has been yoyoing is the Freehand Zero. It’s cheap, easy to mod and you will be using it for a while. I got mine about 5 years ago and still throw it today

Ok so this is what to do ;D :

You see that top menu bar? Click the “Shop” button!
Alrighty. After that loads you will get a side menu on the left. Awesome!
Find the “+ yoyo” and click the little plus sign. Now were gettin’ somewhere!
You will notice you now have 3 more options under the “+yoyo”.
Click on the “advanced” button. Time for a new right side of the screen. Hahaha!
A bunch of yoyos now appear on the right!
Now right above the yoyos is a filter menu.
Click on each one and set them for:
First box should be “date”
Second box is “descending order”
Third box is “100”
Now the yoyos are in order! Woo hoo!
Pick a pretty one that looks cool to you!
Buy it and your done. Hurrraaaayyyyy!!!

Edit: note this will however, even though it says advanced, list every yoyo YoYoExpert sells in chronological order!

Just pick up a Supernova or a fullsized Japanese throw. It’ll be able to handle whatever you can throw at it.

And whats wrong with canadian and American? One drop is highly sought after as well as clyw.

Did I ever say anything was wrong with American or Canadian? And last I checked the Supernova is American.

Whatever you think is the best is the best.

If you know what I mean. :wink:

True about supernova but it just seamed like the way you worded that was like a huge plug for Japanese throws. Lol like all others were far insignificant. Sorry if i took that wrong. Lol :smiley:


there is no best yoyo, only best for you


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Arctic Circle… Great for grinds, decent spin time, handles any trick…

there is no best yoyo