Best yo-yos of 2013-2018


Draupnir, Masamune, Hummingbird

There’s many great yoyos nowadays, that’s why you’re seeing so many different answers. And there’s throws that I’ve enjoyed just playing with more.

But those 3 are the undisputed best yoyos I’ve ever laid my hands on. I can’t think of another yoyo I’ve tried that I would put on the same tier as those 3

To be completely honest though we’ve kind of peaked in terms of design and pure performance. Which is why the 2013 Draupnir is STILL regarded as the best to ever be released by many people


:joy: I tried to get my hands on one, but no, no, I don’t have and haven’t tried a Grail.

Of all G2 I tried I’d say I love the Reaper the most, that being said it’s been awhile since I tried a Banshee and memory is a bit vague.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #23

Don’t forget Duncan and the Haymaker X!


I feel Edge Beyond did the whole “massive extended bimetal rim” thing better though.

(Ethan Phelps) #25


(Mk1 Yoyos) #26

Could be, but they’re both flagship models of their brand, and anyone interested in looking at the best-of should consider both.


Surely you jest! Tis garbage you display kind sir


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