Best way to get the bearing out of a Peak?

That’s pretty much it. I need to clean my Peak’s bearing and it seems to be stuck on one half of the yoyo.

Stuck bearings are signs of tight tolerances. As soon as I beat the hell out of my yo-yos, the bearing comes loose more easily.

Just pliers.

p.s. that’s my face in mirror image… looks strange.

Yep, pliers should do it.

Some people prefer to use a cloth or rubber band with the pliers to make sure they don’t damage the bearing/yoyo. It’s not necessary though. Just be careful, and gentle.

I figured pliers would be the best way, it’s what I used back in the day. Didn’t know if there was a better way nowadays or not. Thanks guys! Hope to see you at the club meeting tonight Jacob!

Bah, work. Next couple of weeks should be better.

By the way Blake, I lost your number. Hit me up sometime.