Jammed Bearing

My bearing is jammed on my yo-yo. But all other instances, peoples’ bearings have been stuck on the non-axle side, while mine is stuck on the actual axle. This is my first yo-yo (Velocity V.3), and I’ve tried the freezing method to no avail. Any tips?

This works well with about any yo-yo bearing that is fit tightly to it’s bearing seat.  I bet if you try the pictured method in this thread, you will also pull out the spacer.  If you pull both out, and they are still attached to eachother, it’s not a big deal (you can clean the bearing all the same).

I do not immediately see why you need to remove the bearing on your Velocity…  why are you so intent on getting it off?  Is it locked (thin lube will fix that, and you don’t need to remove the bearing to apply it)?  Do you just want to replace the bearing without a reason?

I have found removing the bearing from a tight-fitting seat or spacer will loosen the connection between the two and lead to a less-true spin.


I had opened my Velocity before to fix a string knot, so I remember the bearing also coming out. After messing up a trick though, my string had got caught between the bearing and the inside of the seat. I sequentially broke my string trying to unjam the bearing. I had just wanted to unjam the bearing to clean the inward side in case there was some kind of gunk on it. I tried using pliers, yet still no use.

Nevermind, I decided I’m just going to return it and buy another one. When my bearing does decide to need replacing, I don’t want to get screwed over. Thanks for your help.

Why return it? It was your fault it’s screwed up. A store should have to pick up tab for that.