Best unresponsive Bearings?

Can anyone tell me the best bearing (c size) ur188 to use. Appreciate any help. Oh also where to get them from. Thanks

I use Rain City Skills grooved, G2 Boss Rage, or Mazal Tops hybrid V/grooved bearings, depending on how much I want to spend or what I have on hand at the time


The platinum is my favorite, but they’re sold out. Steel should still be a great option.

I haven’t tried them, but I have friends that swear by mazal top yoyos hybrid bearings are really good.

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There’s a very nice Lotus bearing discussed in this topic.

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This thread contains the community’s votes for the best bearings:


Thanks appreciate the reply and options

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Thanks mate.Appreciate it


Any wide C bearing you can use really.

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Thanks 4 the replies

Yyf vip v shape ceramic probably has to be number one

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Parts is parts… :nauseated_face:
Most any bearing will work just fine with proper care and feeding.


All of my bearings seem to have an appetite for string lint and dust…

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As long as it spinz gud and doesn’t sound like a garbage disposal, it should be fine. Don’t read too much into it.

I like having flats, center tracs, concaves, and DS bearings available to dial in response and layer management. Some people use different thicknesses of string to do this, I use the same string on everything and swap bearings to fine tune response.

Having said all that, my favorites are OD 10 Balls and Original Throw Concaves.

Also alloexpress has grooved full ceramic bearings for like 3 bucks each full ceramic grooved work extremely well but it doesnt keep the string from rubbing against the response pads as well as the yyf v shape hybrid ceramics