Best TYPE of yoyo for horizontal?


Hey guys! I’ve been doing horizontal play for a while now, and I was wondering what yoyo type is the best for horizontal, and by type, I mean what shape, weight, and size is the best. I personally don’t feel comfortable doing horizontals on my YYR Blink because of the size (still an amazing yoyo!), so I want to know your opinion. Thanks!



Full size/oversize
heavily rim weighted but not necessarily a heavy throw
straight V shapes

Basically Krown, Draupnir, Berserker and so


SHUTTER,ECHO2, STRIX,YYRS THAT ARE FULLSIZE,IK CAPS BUT WATEV But yea the bigger the better and any V shaped yoyo thats not light should work


This exactly

I love the overdrive and ares star for this. Surprisingly the superfly and irony JP are pretty decent too.


low walls, v shape, bimetal


Inverse round shape


Full or over-sized
You want a little more weight than usual
If you want to finger-spin then you’ll need the flat sides

Horizon is a great one for under $50 and it can beast fingerspins