Best TRICK of 2013 WYYC?

Paul Kerbel’s Between the Legs Regen

Them hipster whips

Anything Janos did.

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I’m sure if Tim went up on stage and looped with his fireball that it would be my favorite trick.

when ky was up first and he went up and it looks like its just normal then he like seperates the strings and everyone when crazy and the rest of the performance was just insane…and i was sitting in the front row :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ben Conde’s Flamingo with a fixed axle Butterfly. Ricardo Marechal’s toe-caught suicide. Ayumu’s dick trick during Pink Slips!

I miss tim

whos Tim?

The camera guy from the livestream.

I liked the second-to-last trick that Janos did (where the string goes around his back, he twirls it around on his finger then lets it fly around and hit the string on the other side of him making it return) and his last one (the thumb grind, then put around, then popped off, then like a horizontal keychain and finally getting the yoyo back to his hand). THOSE WERE BRILLIANT.
I also think that Ricardo Marechal’s toe catch was pretty cool too.
I did get to see a bit of Ky but not the two string part. Wish I saw that.

That was the biggest surprise out of all of the freestyles for me.

Ricardo didn’t actually hit that trick. Almost, but not quite. He caught it wrong.

Really? Who hit it then?

Ummm…nobody else hit it…because no one else attempted it. LOL.

True, but to attempt it and get that close was still pretty cool.
He also toe-caught a GT during pink slips. And he caught that one correct! :wink:

The best trick of 2013?

Definitely has to be…

Getting 800K+ views on Janos Karancz freestyle on the Duncan FB page.