Tricks That Make You Go "OH NO HE/SHE DIDN'T!!"


Hey guys! Let’s all list some tricks, individual or a combo, (or even a whole performance) or give a link to a trick from either videos or tutorials that make us/would make us go oh no they did NOT just do that!! I’ll start off. All of Janos Karancz’s tricks, as well as a lot of Zammy’s tricks. I would post links, but it’s so much work on my phone.

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Anything by Riccardo Fraulinni


well, this for one:




i came here to say pauls ‘paobrs’ but WHAT!?!?!?!?!!


Hey look, finally another sponsored player only trick that isnt walk the doge.


possibly the most fun with a three dollar dunan yo-yo ever:



(Paul) Dang! Those are all awesome!! I thought about making this thread because seeing Paul Kerbel’s PAOBRS. Please show me more guys. ;D

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Fraolini :wink:

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Thanks for the name drop :slight_smile: