Most impressive trick?


In your opinion what is the most impressive trick you’ve ever seen?


Any horizontal combos by Jensen.



Some of Zammy’s original tricks are mind blowing.


(Owen) #4

In 1a: something Patrick Canny has done :smiley:

In 2a: Shu’s backflip looping shiz

In 3a: some horizontal stuff I saw someone do, or maybe some crazy brent stole laceration craziness I saw Yu do.

In 4a: Ben Conde. End of story.

In 5a: Probably that one trick Chase Baxter mah man did in his video announcing his sponsorship with Werrd. That one trick where he spins the counterweight and it ends up in a GT.

Ima be Mgodinez



hipster whips!


Ricardo Marechal’s foot suicides