favorite player and a cool trick they have done


Omg i just witnessed the most EPIC! trick in my life.

watch it and you will see Post back on the coolest trick you think your favorite player has done.




post a video of a trick your favorite player and a cool trick they have done that you liked?


I wasn’t asking for directions ;D. that was mt reaction to the trick :o


Harold Owens III and my favorite trick of his is his palm grind.


that is a really cool trick as well lol i love that trick too


oh alright i gotcha lol whas yours though?


Jensen baby!


John Ando isn’t my most favorite player but his body tricks are amazing!

(SR) #10


(Jerrod) #11



Steve Brown and the whole Viking Tour and Duncan’s how to be a player videos.


anything ben conde does!


(Owen) #15

My fav trick right now is: My bind from the beginning of my video! It’s called the “Owen’s” bind. Not Harold Owens, just Owen’s.

My name is Owen btw :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post a video of it with the time where it is soon.


Paul han, he does this undescribable triple whip looking thing thats really cool


jake bullock - aqueous

5 years ago…still amazin’ - which proves my point.  jake bullock is still king!



(2Sick Joey) #18

This is all!


augie fash and his grind laceration thingy he did in his championship freestyle!


da fudge