Best Time to Throw?

When is your time, “throw time”? I just throw when I’m bored or after I seen a new trick that looks fairly easy (I end up failing epically). But I have no job, daily sport, etc. that keep me from throwing. Post below.

At night when im home from school, and done with homework. usually from 10pm-12am. There is no distractions for me then. after, im off to bed feeling good. :slight_smile:

I’ve started throwing after the kids go to bed… so at night before bed for me as well.

When kids sleep and when at laundromat.

After the kids are asleep I typically watch a one-hour drama with my wife (lately it’s been Sons of Anarchy) and then walk the dogs. Then I do any outstanding freelance work. THEN I can throw! So any time between 10pm and midnight as a starting time.

I also throw a little bit here and there while at work.

My absolute best throwing time is when I take my son to gymnastics and my wife and other son are at home. For the hour that he’s in class, I have no distractions from throwing. :wink:

So… Mondays at 5:30pm unless my wife and other son are with me (then I have to help entertain the other son).

Nights. Around 9pm-12am. Always a good way to fall asleep :slight_smile:

Whenever there’s a yoyo and time, i throw.

I gotta quote this. Anybody else hear it in a deep, narrator type voice?

Leonard Nimoy’s voice.

I also throw whenever there’s a yoyo (always) and time. That time just happens to typically be when I described, which I think was the spirit of the question. :wink:

There is no time for me to throw, i just throw no matter what time it is or where i am (walking around, at the store, funerals, weddings, while high, while drunk, in the snow/cold, in the rain, when it’s nice and cool out, when it’s humid as hell out, beach, woods, friends houses, etc).

For me 3:00-until bedtime :).

Funerals seems a bit inappropriate and rude.

My freetime… So anytime after school.

Yea dude. Throw with respect.

I recently threw a funeral for my dog, so that kinda hurt.

I think there’s a picture of Adam Brewster throwing his Peak at his Wedding so I think any times good :wink:

I only do that either before the actual funeral (while having a smoke) or wait till afterwards, I’ve never thrown during one.

Alright, that seems fine.

I normally throw whenever I have enough time (because I always have a yoyo everywhere I go,) and in the night where I turn off the lights in my room and bust out a Starlite, ah good times… :slight_smile:

Usually when it comes time for me to do homework :wink: