Best Time to buy Next Yoyo?

I like to save money as much as possible, so I was wondering if you guys knew the best times to buy yoyos for cheap. Christmas? Black Friday? New Year’s? Any other date?
If you guys could provide me with a date and past sales, that would be great. Thanks!

It’s always a good time to buy a new yoyo :wink:

usually around November they start having a deal how do I know? Cause my birthday is around that time. Also black friday usually has lots of traffic on YoYoExpert due to mystery boxes.

If you’re looking to save money, look in the BST section. You will find many top notch throws in mint condition for 30-50% off of retail price fairly often.

Black friday if you’re ok with yoyofactory since they do the mystery box

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It’s the Brack Friday Bunduru!

What sales do they have on Black Friday? I might do Mystery Box but I don’t think my parents will like it ;D

Also, Moise I would like to buy new yoyos that I will break myself, thank you though. I do wander around there sometimes

Just gotta be picky about condition. Seriously, any well rated seller on the BST with mint condition throws is almost better than buying new, because most throws don’t hold their value well. Just be sure to ask for several pictures, and if it’s actually mint, there’s no difference from buying it new except you don’t have nearly the selection you have through actual stores. But then again you can also find a ton of stuff that’s like new that you couldn’t find in stores if you wanted to (that’s how I got my SPYY Addiction and Marlmont.Next).