best synergised yoyo

what yoyo works best with synergy caps
cause i real want to know cause i have synergy caps from a friend
but i dont know what yoyo synergy caps work best with
i can only spend $25 max too
(i just got m1 :))

what size caps are they? because there are different sizes. Also consider that the wider the yoyo you put them on the more chance it will cause it to vibe.

Also, please don’t continue to make posts that have Polls that do not serve a purpose. It is a waste of time and considered spam.


sorry i dont know how to get rid of polls

o and its is good to know the wider the yoyo the less vibe and i have both cap sizes

Unless the weight is near the center.

no wider generally means more chance of vibe

I have heard that the Kickside works great with Synergy caps. I have never tried this, so you will have to find out for yourself.


The yoyos work the best with synergy caps are:
Size 1: Axiom, Hitman, X-ConVict, KickSide, Aquarius
Size 3: Dark Magic, Meteor, Speeder

You can look it up here:

Happy Throwing! =]


Yeah, at the price you’re looking for I’d take a crack at the Kickside.