how well does it work?

Hello, Does any one have the sunset trajectory yo yo? How well does it loop? Should i buy it or something else? Also to whom has the new synergy caps, what size fits the DM, 1 or 3? Also how well do they play? well later and keep it spinning.

I have a pair of Sunsets. They are excellent yo-yos for looping, and play perfectly well out of the box. I would definitely recommend them. If you’re looking for a little more variety and aren’t afraid to spend more… I would suggest Loop720s by Yoyofactory. I haven’t tried them, but all I’ve heard is good news.

Synergy caps, size 3 fit the Dark Magic. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Synergy caps. Some say they vibe a bit, while others that they play perfect. I have a size 1 in the mail for me, so I should be able to try them soon. They are definitely playable, probably just not uber smooth like an 888.

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as yoshi said, it’s good that you can buy sunset trajectory… it’s good for complicated tricks, but plays good for beginners as well…

i have tried loop720… one of my friends bought one, it loops good, the string on string response system is perfect for looping, but for me, it is a bit light… that’s why i chose sunsets over loop 720’s…

Hello everybody! Could someone, please tell me, what is synergy caps? :-\

Synergy caps are YoYoJam yo-yo caps that go into some of their yo-yos allowing you to grab the sides leaving the yo-yo freely spinning. See attached picture.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I just had to post the pics of my dyed set of Synergy caps:

I actually dyed them pink but they turned out a bit orangey, but not as orangey as the pictures make it look, because I took the pictures inside.

You can see more pictures and how I did with at my Flickr in my sig.

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