best string for offstring

just got into off string and was wonder what string to buy

It’s all the same. Use your regular 1a string.

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Fat Kitties work best for me because they snag better for the big bind type tricks.

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String Shack Lynx

Toxic Thick Metz.

Bulk - Fat Kitty

Any string that whips well in 1A should be good for 4A.

If you are starting out go with a YYJ fiesta or a Big-Yo. Both are good quality and have good spin times. The fiesta was my first and I still love it. Another more expensive option would be the aeronaut. I love it and it looks cool.

Only just starting 4A myself on a Fiesta XX and was experimenting with the different strings the other day. Fat Kitty and Kitty 1.5 Nylon works best for me.


He already has an offstring…he was asking about string lol

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Normal or fat kitty is what I use. I actually lean towards fat kitty a bit more for 4a.

thanks for all the feedback guys, im using a viper flux running just a cotton string and seems to be working well, I need pads on my viper tho :frowning: soo

the string you use for offstring all depends on the setup on the yoyo(gap width,pads), you want the perfect balance of nice grippy responce for regens and binds while not snagging while on the string.

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