Best run Chief??

I’m wondering which run of the CLYW Chief plays the best. Yah

I can’t believe you have the nerve to post a thread instead of trying to resolve the fact that you never sent you end of the deal to Glorystomper.

I contacted him and told him I shipped late and I was never on for 3 days before because I was studying for finals. No need to be so harsh, yoyoavenger.

I have a 4th run and a friend has a 2nd run. I like the 2nd run better because the surface is better for grinding, but I can’t grind yet, so I guess this really isn’t an issue.

I prefer the heavy version, but as far as runs go I haven’t noticed much difference in play.

and the story changes yet again!

magical, right?

I would’ve shipped earlier than Saturday, maybe Monday, but I had to get home early to study, you hotdog.