Yoyo Runs?


Honestly why are 1st runs so important? I’ve always seen on the BST "1st Run ". Can 1st Run throws fly or something? I lack too see why first runs are so important, can anyone explain?


I think that first runs are a little different to other runs because they may make tweaks to later runs after everyone has tried it.


They aren’t. Most people just like to put emphasis on first runs so they can sell them at twice the retail price.


like the chief they made 4 runs I think of the lighter version? And then tweaked it ever so slightly now you have to pay probably $20 more for a 65g Chief


It depends. In the case of CLYW, it seems sometimes their first couple of runs may have unique attributes to them. Plus, it seems each run has their own colorways and perhaps colorway “unique” issues. I have a 4th run Musket Chief. It seems after the 3rd run, things had settled down and that’s how they’ve been going forward. My AC, GE, Puffin and CLiff are all 1st runs.

For me, I track the run(if known) of my yoyos mostly for cataloging and informational purposes for my own benefit. All my GSquared and Square Wheels are first runs for example.

About all I can get out of 1st run is “I was on this before you was” kind of thing.


^ Yeah, I think it’s only hyped for some company’s and not the other. But I guess it’s only important if you’re that kind of collector, then you want everything to be OG. It feels good man lol


I agree that for most yoyos first runs are the same as the next. For the CLYW chief the first run was different from all the others it was the light version and the machining was different, it has longer axel nipples and it plays quite different from all the other runs.
For me first run chiefs play much better than all the others.

The same can be applied to the Peak


haha yeah wasnt every Peak run different?


I feel the same about preproduction throws. Why would anyone want a preproduction throw.

(DOGS) #10

Because sometimes certain people like how they play before they’re tweaked. What’s ultimately released isn’t an undisputed truth on what every single person will like.


I got a preproduction Theory. 2 in fact. Then next run later I got 2 more, the only thing that had changed was the ano and color of the caps.


Sometimes the pre-production can be different than the production run. I played a pre-production Victory and it was really nice, a bit better than the production release.

Also, the appeal of having a rare item can be appealing to some.

For me, it’s about performance. If it’s rare, it’s a bonus. Either way, I have to like it or I’m not gonna keep it.


Prepro Furys are oodles better (IMO) that the production run.

As for the thread topic, most of the time it’s just to identify it since different runs can differ slightly. But yeah, most people try to sell certain runs for more money. Much of the time it’s easy to see why, though. 1st run Chiefs were, in many’s opinion, the best run. Besides the manufacturing error of the Sharp Lips, there was also that glorious gold ano that has yet to be seen on another Chief.


I have a Pre-Production KLR that I think was far better than the release version. Ernie thought it was a bit to heavy, but I have never let anyone throw it that didn’t agree it throws much better.
As much as I love my release version KLR’s, this Pre-Pro is something very spoecial.


I think the run shows the yo-yos history.
Like size differences , weight differences, different weight placement ext.


my yoyo’s don’t have legs to run


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