best palm grinds yo yo?

do u know guys a yo yo that is realy good for palm grind and slacks?

a yo yo that would stay in the palm quite long

not from yyf.

and thanks. :smiley:

Umm…any yoyo…what are you r preferences? And why rule out YYF?

A bead blasted yoyo would be your best bet

the duncan momentum is suposed to be very stable. sounds pretty good i gess

I like both the Mayhem and the Punchline for palm grinds…but that’s just me.

yeah punchline would be good. anything with a lot of surface area to touch your palm that has a nice coating. also beefier rims would alow for better spin time which would also help.

punchline, hatrick, agape, wooly marmot, and some more

Any blasted yoyo really is the best. I really dig the General-Yo blasts. They are really light and glide like no-ones business. I wonder why no-one has mentioned it.

i got many from yyf

I was gonna post before you but you beat me to it lol. Mine was supposed to be before yours ;D.

is there anything other from punchline?

Your Genesis… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hspin Icon? ;D

Other than the Punchline, HATrick, and others mentioned above, the Peak, any Candy Blasted ILLY, and the Bape or Eetsit would be good choices.

Any anodized yoyo? :confused: