best one drop yoyo under $80


my birthday is coming up and i really want a new yoyo. i don’t own any onedrop yoyos so i was hoping to get one. which one would you reccomend?? $80 is my price limit so… any help deciding is greatly appreciated. thanks!!!


I don’t have one YET, but the Top Deck looks REALLY good. If you can squeak out an extra $5, get a Kuntosh when they release!


+1 I also don’t own one yet, but, have played it and it PLAYS really good. Slippery slope though, squeaking out an extra $5, because, then I could say, if you can squeak out an extra $10 after you get to $85, then you can get a Markmont. Classic…eventually we wind up telling you 'for just a little more you can get a Daupnir ;D

In all seriousness, the Top Deck is pretty amazing.


Easy choice: Top Deck.

Depending on your tastes, you could have a serious look at the Gauntlet as well.


Markmont Classic would’ve been my first suggestion. It’s such a great yoyo, it’s in my “All Time Favorite” category. Didn’t want to bump him up that much though ;D Figured $5 was reasonable, if possible.


Top Deck


They might still have some NQP mmc left lol! I have been playing them back to back and they are pretty similar, but I like to play my mmc with the aluminum side effects that’s where the play will separate a bit.

Top deck gives you a little more spin and stability.


Top Deck, I can’t put mine down.


I agree, after all, I’m the one who bumped him the extra $10.

It does sound like the Top Deck has really caught people’s attention, and for good reason, it is a very fun throw.


A slippery slope indeed… I can’t speak for the newer releases (yet), but I have a Gradient, a Downbeat, and a T-1. All are under $80; and all kick some serious ass. But in different ways…
I guess I could say this - If you are gonna spend $80, you’ll get an amazing throw no matter what.
Can I borrow $80? :smiley:


Vanguard all the way.


Top Deck!


i think i am going to get a markmont classic. is the not quite perfect yoyoexpert edition ok? i dont care if the paint job is a little messed up but is the yoyo going to vibe or something? It doesn’t specify on the page so i was just wondering. Thanks!!!


It doesn’t say on the page because they are not supposed to vibe.


There is a thread where David (One Drop owner) specifies the NQP is ano flaw and not vibe. I’m sure if you sent a message or email to yoyo expert they can confirm this.


Just checked a few, no vibe. NQP is just for ano flaws.


A rare question like this with an answer, Top Deck!


Correct. We only NQP for visual flaws - never performance.


Joshxz… I got a deal for you>

Your budget limit is $80?

Ok, this is what I will do for you. I think you should go for the Kuntosh. The solid colors are gonna be $85; I have heard.

If you go for the Kuntosh, I will pay the extra $5 and… I will pay for $5.50 or so for the shipping cost.

That way you don’t go over $80 but you still end up with a Monster😳

After all, it’s your Birthday, right.

I will give Garrett the heads up tomorrow to let them know I will pay the difference.

PS… You can’t go wrong with whatever One Drop you get, actually. A Gauntlet, a Classic, a Topdeck, etc…

They are All Excellent yoyos.

The Kuntosh was something that was eventually gonna have to happen. I think this is such a great opportunity to find out why the first proto run of the Kuntosh has been out for several years and I have never heard anybody say they didn’t like it.

Step up and open a can of Whoop…!


If you were wise, I’d would take this mans deal in a heart beat. YoyoDoc is such an amazing guy. Joshxz take the offer. do it… doooo it.

Hope your doing well yoyodoc. Give me a call sometimes. Would be great to hear from you every once in awhile. Your always in my prayers.

anyways. back to the topic on hand. If I had the chance to get a kuntosh I would go for it. You can also wait for the cabal to drop as well…