Best Flat Bearings


Subject says it all. What in your opinion is the best flat bearing on the market?


I dig the Northern Spin CORE bearing.

I love OD 10-balls that are properly broken in… but I hate that after a short while of play they suddenly become screechy. I’ve decided that henceforth I will always put a drop of lube into my 10-balls BEFORE ever playing them.


I checked out the Northern Spin CORE. How do they compare to other ceramics?


Favorably. I like it better than the Terrapin one. It has an interesting sound to it that I find oddly reassuring. I can’t quanify why or even explain what the different sound is.

(Owen) #5

I like a variety of bearings. It doesnt matter to me what shape they are as long as they are broken in well.


I gotta agree. Shape matters less to me than smooth reliable performance.


I partially agree. I love all shapes, but I also love snap binds. I find that centering bearings slip more.


B.O.S.S. bearings are exceptionally quiet in my experience, even dry. They are my current favorite


Possibly true… but snap binds are a mainstay of my repertoire and profiled bearings don’t seem to matter much. The condition of your response is way more significant. I snap bind all day errday with KKs.


Recent message on my facebook page:

“just got a chrome flat ten ball c bearing from you off ebay (my real name is chris ) and its awesome, the best flat bearing ive ever used thanks”

They also come with ceramic balls. Spin better and last forever…
Thanks Chris.


GregP - I just got my C.O.R.E. bearing(my first ceramic) in and I TOTALLY get what you meant by the assuring noise. I am currently running it dry.

Do you recommend lubing it? I am now new to ceramic bearings and have NO IDEA how they behave compared to their metal counterparts.


Their site says they are shipped with a light lube, but it’s fine to run any bearing dry. Whatever works for you


One drop 10 ball bearings are outstanding once broken in. Amazingly quiet and extremely smooth.


One Drop 10’s and YYE Bearings, they’re both amazing


All of the flat bearings that I have tried worked well except for SPEC bearings. My favorite is the One Drop 10 ball.


Operaman – Indeed, it ships lightly lubed already. I would totally continue to lightly lube it. You don’t need to, though. For me I like the noise of a lightly lubed bearing better. I’m not good enough to care about running out of spin time… for me, sloppy play kills spin far faster than the bearing’s raw performance level does.