Best D20 for Making a Counterweight?

Hey fam. I am wanting to get into 5A properly. I wanted a Porykon, but now that I look around the wide wide world of the world wide web, I think a drilled D20 would be better. By most accounts, a single standard D20 is too light to get the job done. Has anyone ever tried a jumbo D20? Have any you’d recommend? Try a D30? D100? Should I just use two dice? I’d really rather not use two, but if it comes down to it I will.

Ideal weight of a counterweight depends on the yoyo but typically it is around 9-10g for most yoyos so I guess a metal D20 would do the trick.
If you really want to I guess you can tap a plastic die and insert a screw or axle to increase weight if you don’t want the dangers of a metal counterweight.

oh yeah I grabbed this off the internet as reference.


Noice. Thanks! I think I’ll try out a metal D8 or D10.

This one should do!
Now I don’t know exactly how much it weighs, but it is solid metal and is easily 3 times as heavy as my legendary terrarian!