Best color for bi metals


I’m thinking of nobunaga, now which color?
Purple black red blue green or gold?

Edit: I can buy a palpitation, solid blue, or splash blue x purple or other
I have this theory that splash colors mess up the weight distribution a tiny bit and makes it vibey. Should I get solid or splash?


Black with Silver rings with a black shirt looks amazing


Blue or green for me. Black makes it seem too serious. Much more like a weapon and less like what it is, a toy.


It is a Weapon of Mass Destruction


Oh wow Steve Brown loves the draupnir and wants one


How about palp?


I like the neon green for the palp but make sure you get a blasted one


Why blasted?






The Palp is an amazing yoyo. If you’re planning on getting one, i suggest the BST. I bought mine at $206 in Japan instead of the more hefty $255 on many popular sites.

If you aren’t a fan of grinds, then a polished finish should do. But, if you get into grinds later on, the blast is pretty decent for them.


Rim dipped isotope proto

(Erik Kerber ) #13

There’s a lot of really cool Bi-Mettle colors their is not really a “Best” color

(major_seventh) #14

Bi-what? :wink:


delirium dive tempered rims