Best bi-metal at around 60USD?


I would like a great throw at around 60 bucks that can spin a long time and fingerspin, but I also want it to be readily available everywhere, since I live in a pretty remote area. I’ve been thinking of getting a Marco but I’m still looking for alternatives. Thanks in advance!


(Alexander) #2

The Marco is amazing. It was the first bimetal I got, and I still love it.

(Evan Landreneau) #3

The Magic Yoyo Steath is a good cheap bimetal.


Raiser 2 if you want the all around best budget bimetal. Marco is awesome if you enjoy a slightly oversized hard V.

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(Jacob Waugh) #5

@Nocompromise said Raiser 2, and I completely agree, amazing yoyo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

If you can drum up an extra $10 run, do not walk, to the YYE store and grab yourself a TopYo Dominator.


I would recommend the Raiser over the Dominator every time though. Possibly the Stealth as well. I like the Dominator but I feel there are better choices even in that price range.

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(ClockMonsterLA) #8

We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’ve not played the Raiser so can’t really comment on that. But the Stealth is like every other Magic Yoyo I’ve played (which includes the Node and the K-1) in that it is so very unremarkable except maybe for its price tag. Every time I pick up the Dominator I am delighted by how good it plays and amazed by its $70 price tag.


I’ve tried 'em all, you haven’t. :wink:

I do like the dominator, but to me it is not as good a bimetal Silenus as the Akita is!


So… Should I get the Marco? I’m quite interested in slack tricks so I need a wide Yoyo and the Marco is the widest one with a reasonable price.

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It’s an excellent yo-yo, as I’ve mentioned before Evan Nagao said if he had to pick a yo-yo from the YYF stable other than his signatures, he’d pick the Marco… so a world champ likes it!


This doesn’t really make any sense. You don’t need a wide yoyo for slacks

(Ethan Evans) #13

Bread n butter flying Dutchman in my opinion. They only sell through email or DM though

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