Best Begginer looping yoyo....???

So I am looking for a beginner looping yoyo that can do advance tricks to but also easy to maintain and use… if I forgot some thing in poll tell me I’ll add it…I’m looking for a value for money example like if you buy a loop 360 that’s cheap but then you need to buy another looper for advanced tricks than thts not value for money because you have to spend double time so vote keeping that in mind…you can even suggest out off the poll…

Play-wise, any yoyo on the poll above will do. Once you are good at looping, you can literally use any looping yoyo, they simply play differently just like 1a yoyos.
I recommend Unleashed because it has adjustable gap and it plays great. Another is a modded Raider (or fireball which is the same after mod), I know many people will disagree because it’s fairly difficult to mod a Raider. However it has taught me so much about setting up yoyos, how the yoyo will behave when you mod it in certain ways, how to make it loop upward, how to make it loop downward, etc. If you decided to get Raiders, I can assist you with the mod.

A Yomega Raider EX. Gap is adjustable with supplied shims.

I mean that’s the point you are already frustrated learning difficult trick loops and then you think is the gap adjustment wrong or you can’t do trick so that’s why I posted easy to maintain and easy to use that’s why its called beginner looping yoyo…

An adjustable gap is not a negative for beginners. It doesn’t make the yo-yo more advanced or harder to use. If anything it helps you learn what works best for you. Instead of trying a few different yo-yos with different gaps you can try one adjustable yo-yo to figure out which level of responsiveness you prefer.

Two of my favorite looping yo-yos would be the Loop 1080 or the Raider EX - They are adjustable, have a nice weight, and a really solid feel.

No matter which yo-yos you choose looping just takes a lot of practice, any of the yo-yos you have listed should work fine to learn on.

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I’ll try…

There’s a comprehensive 2A review already on here and you can read that the crook is an extremely easy setup 2A yoyo that’s pretty slow and super stable.