Best bearing for its price? String?

What r the best bearings and string for the price?

Value is a matter of perception.

The Buddha Bearings brand I find offers a fairly wide range of products at really reasonably prices that for me, so far, are performing on part with what they are effectively the same as, but at prices up to half of what the “real thing” is. However, my time on these bearings is short so far, but even so, I’ve been pleased with what I’m seeing so far.

As far as strings are concerned, YYE and Kitty String seem to be on-part as far as price and how long they last. They are still a good value. Kitty offers more variety as far as thickness and length, costs a bit more and lasts a tiny bit longer, so you do get what you’re paying for. The YYE strings are fine, I still use a lot of them and will buy more.

What I really like are YYSL Type X and Twisted Stringz Trixtra. Both are kind of expensive but they last a really long time while maintaining performance. I would go through 5-10 YYE strings in the same amount of time I’d go through 1 Type X. i feel the price/performance/length of use of these two strings is a fantastic value to me.

If you’re new, don’t go nuts. YYE bulk 100% poly is all you need. If you’ve been playing a while, order some small number packs of various strings and find what you like, then buy a lot of that.

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What do u guys think about CBC bearings?

If the YYF SPEC is a CBC bearing, I am not a big fan of it. This is due to me having many of them in my “bad bearings” pile. I do have plenty working just fine though.

The CenterTrac(a CBC bearing) is the bearing of choice of many top end yoyos and it’s a bearing I’ve had great experiences with. My Positron shipped stock with one, as have most of my newer CLYW’s, and many of my metal YYF’s. I wouldn’t just flat out recommend it though. I always recommend people try out bearings and find their right fit for a yoyo. Even so, it’s still a good bearing and I do have no issues recommending it as a bearing to purchase. A special note: These come in an A-sized a well. I put one in my Duncan ProZ set as a wing shape and it really made that yoyo amazing. I paid $8 for the bearing and another $8 for the yoyo!

I would like to get a couple of the new Spec X and the new 10-ball CenterTrac bearings. However, I chose to buy 10 Terrapin X Steel Wing-Cut 10Ball bearings recently. I like these in my DM2’s and a few other choice yoyos. Honestly, even with his ceramics, the cost isn’t that much and I’ve had nothing but wonderful results with the various Terrapin X offerings.

The best string for the price has to be Kitty String 1.5 IMO. They only cost $.159 per string, and they play great (and feel good too!). The only drawback is that they don’t last very long. I’ll change a Kitty String 1.5 after a day or two on my current main throw.

I like the konekave bearing for its price but if you want another option the buddah bearing is great

CTs play great for me. Love em. Probably would just buy flat bearings though

Buddha bearings are great i love the dimple and there pretty cheap!

I’ve never used Bhudda bearings, but I’m happy with yyj speeds. Stringwise, Kitty is pretty inexpensive, buts seems (to me) to wear out sorta quickly. May I suggest Jackrabbits?