Best and worst solid color half-swaps?

(Evan Landreneau) #22

You have an awesome camera. Sorry I know that was kind of random.


Not my pic though, just something I saw elsewhere :wink:


Am I the only one who is “meh” on half/half colors? I mean, I don’t hate them or anything. I’ve had a number of them over the years and a few have grown on me. But I tend to default to solids more often than not.


I like some. Years ago you could order one drops direct and the site actually let you pick which two color halves you wanted. I think it showed how many of each color in stock by half. There was something about that that made ordering them fun.

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #26

A blue and red color way would look sick

(Mk1 Yoyos) #27

Red/blue is pretty distinctive, yeah.

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #28

I wanna try a red and blue Replay

(ZAC) #29

I love half swaps, only have this one and a black and purp kuntosh. This one is my favorite.


I like half swaps. I’ve got quite a few. Here is my newest half swap

(Spinworthy Glen) #31

You’re not the only one. I don’t like them either. The swaps people think are awesome here I don’t like at all.


Same :+1: I’m not a big fan of fades either

(ClockMonsterLA) #33

I’m not a fan of half swaps either, but I have a red/gold Gauntlet that is fairly attractive.

({John15}) #34

I have a black and purple half swap kuntosh too, the colors work really well.

(ZAC) #35

Nice, I agree. I like to throw a green string on the kuntosh, poppin’.

({John15}) #36

It looks really nice with white string too!


I think that I did that once. I feel like too, but used to that a lot in the past.

Mostly plastics, a few metals though.


I tried gunmetal / pink as an experiment

(Robert Shaw) #39

One thing no one is mentioning is shape plays very much into color swapping. As it does with any colorway. How you perceive the color has to deal with the shape and finish. The amount of the color you are seeing and if it’s matte or gloss or flake or what-have-you will change what actually “works”.


i would like to see a half swap with separate anos, like raw and matte