Best 5A fundamental

I’m getting a 2010 severe but i will probably get it on July. right now im thinking of getting a fundametal yo-yo for 5a. So whats a god fundametal for 5a and when will they release the protege cause i saw some videos of it in 5A may.

I don’t know when the protege will be released, but, in my opinion the best 5A FUNdamental yo-yo is the California.

OMG, im getting a 2010 severe and maybe protege too :o and a hspin icon, but the icon i get for free and $20 back!

Everyone thinks just cause the Protege they show is a raw metal doesn’t mean no other metal can be raw. I think the Protege is still in it’s prototype stages. And Tyler was using a Pre-Production 2010 Severe. Also they say “fundamental” in the video which also confused some people. But Yoyofactory calls them Fundametals. Get it? Well I just wanted to clear that up. Oh in my preference the best Fundametal 5A yoyo would be the Dv888. I like it for it’s weight, shape, and feel. That’s mine. :wink: