Best .555 Pads For SPYY Addict?

I just got a SPYY Addict and the pads are worn out. I know that it takes .555 pads. I just don’t know if I need smooth, textured, thin, or thick pads. Here’s a pic of the current response situation.

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normal .555 dif-pad

I bought the thick .555 Dif Pads.

YYE has them in 0.015 and 0.030 thickness. get both. experiment. i think i’m using the thicker ones on my Addict, though i’m not positive. they sit flush with the surface of the yoyo face. i think the thinner ones would be slightly recessed.



are we certain that the 0.555 pads are correct? I know that’s what the YoYo wiki page says, but I just took a measurement on my Addict. See below…

to me, it looks like the 0.555 will be too big on the inner part.

the pads I use have an inner diameter of about 0.520 in.

at $2 a pair, it might be good to get both sizes?

just throwing it out there…


did they fit correctly?

They fit perfectly.

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