Behind the head trapeze

So I’m working on the second combo in a freestyle routine and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m in a behind-the-head trapeze position. I know I’ve seen people do stuff from this before, but do any of you have any suggestions of where to go from here?

Eli hop and catch it in front of your head.


Oh I do that a lot best tip do a giant eli hop and move your fingers back over your head to land the Yoyo. And don’t be mad if you miss this happens a lot

Sounds like a good finisher! I’m thinking of turning around to transition into an overhead combo like Harold Owens’ in the nationals.

Kwijybo would be sick if you could pull it off, but you may want to wear a helmet while practicing it lol

Behind the head Kwyjibo? Challenge accepted. Arm-crosses behind the head could get pretty awkward but yeah that would be sweet if it worked.

Behind the head Kwijibo huh?

Sweet, gotta learn this.