behind the back

does anyone know a good behind the back combo or tips, because i want to try some new tricks thar are behind the back

How about popping an eli hop and landing it behind your head and going from there? I think that looks pretty zazzy

start off with a leg wrap trap. Get from a trapeze to a 1/2 mount do tricks from there. helps if you have long arms

When it comes to behind the back, you need to have a good feel for manipulating the yoyo behind your back. First get the hang of just getting it behind your back, then start to mess around to get a feel. Here is a good little combo to practice:
Do a leg wrap trap into a behind the back trapeze
Do multiple lindy loops, unroll them, then go into a trapeze and his bro
Dismount into a trapeze.

Just watch videos of other people doing it. Get inspiration from then, and remember, be innovative!

Watch videos of Marcus Koh and Christopher Chia. Those guys are masters of behind the back stuff, especially Marcus.


thank you they are all helpfull